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  • What kills a relationship

    What kills a relationship

    A little while ago, I considered breaking up with my boyfriend. A little context about our relationship. We met online through a dating app and chatted for a while before agreeing to meet up physically. Initially I wasn’t expecting much from our interactions. They were easy-going and sometimes flirty too, but ultimately I felt the…

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  • How to Break a Heart

    How to Break a Heart

    Earlier this year I broke someone’s heart. Spoiler alert: I was in the wrong. Now, a little context about me. I’m not the sort of person to think before I act. I’m impulsive. I don’t bother with self-control. Thinking too hard about something makes me nervous, and then makes me feel like not doing it.…

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  • I Am Not Okay With Myself

    I Am Not Okay With Myself

    That’s how I used to feel. Definitely have to apologise for the misleading title, but hey, if you’re still reading this, it means I caught your attention. Highschool me was never someone who struggled with self identity or self-worth. Was I totally confident? Sometimes. I could deliver a killer presentation in front of my classmates.…

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  • Adulthood terrifies me.

    Adulthood terrifies me.

    Every evening, I eat dinner alone and watch videos on my phone. It sounds jarring, but for an extreme introvert like me, I savor the serenity and quiet of those times, not having to worry about making conversation with someone else or having to be conscious of my table manners. I eat with my leg…

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